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CISRO seminars are designed to incorporate information from the faculty, which is comprised of internationally recognized experts and scholars from various management fields.
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The purpose of the CISRO e-Commerce for Management seminar, is to help managers develop a strategic e-Commerce plan for development and implementation in their organizations. This seminar presents strategies for integrating electronic commerce activities to help maximize organizational competitiveness. Important issues such as electronic storefronts, on-line business, customer interfaces, e-procurement, business-to-customer and business-to-business networking will be explored. Furthermore, the program will help you integrate your departments, suppliers, and customers into a digitally networked strategic plan.


Using case studies and critiques of current web sites as well as lectures, group exercises and classroom discussions, the eCommerce for Managers seminar will develop a strategic e-Commerce plan for development and implementation.


Day 1

From e-Commerce to e-Business:

  • overview of the current situation: A new era
  • surviving the Internet
  • what is e-Commerce?

Business Models:

  • the evolution from traditional forms of business
  • the new value chain
  • business-to-customer models
  • advertisement, promotion, sales & auctions
  • business-to-business models
  • procurement, EDI and marketplaces

Global Impacts of e-Commerce:

  • on the economy
  • on new business, alliances and ventures
  • barriers to entry
  • cultural and political concerns

Impacts of e-Commerce on your Organization:

  • on your business processes
  • on employees and intermediaries
  • on products, prices, promotion and place
Day 2

e-Commerce Strategies:

  • developing and implementing e-Commerce strategies to generate competitive advantage
  • integrating these strategies throughout the organization
  • electronic sources of competitive intelligence information
  • e-communities

Technicalities of e-Commerce:

  • how to cost/benefit information technology projects
  • developing, managing and maintaining your web-site
  • clicks and hits, page view and new visitors
  • analyzing who is hitting your web site
  • data warehousing: how to use your information base
  • tools: XML & Bluetooth
  • infrastructures, telecommunications & M-Technologies
  • the move to wireless
Day 3


  • electronic checks
  • electronic transfers
  • smart, strip and credit cards
  • digital money revolution

Security on the Internet:

  • push and pull technology
  • security standards and policies
  • risks of insecure systems
  • cryptography and authentication
  • firewalls
  • response time and disaster recovery

Legal and Ethical Issues:

  • legal vacuum
  • social impact
  • information and consumer protection
  • trust and safety concerns
  • international transactions

Your e-Commerce Initiatives:

  • do's and don'ts
  • available resources
  • sharing success stories


At the end of this seminar participants will have:

  1. learned the importance of implementing electronic commerce into business practices
  2. learned the different business models of e-Commerce and the benefits and limitations of each.
  3. mastered the skills needed to plan, implement and maintain an e-Commerce site.
  4. understood how the new digital economy including e-Payments will affect your business.
  5. understood the security issues related to e-Commerce.
  6. developed an awareness of the social and ethical issues related to e-Commerce.


The following materials will be supplied to all participants:

Required books and manuals


The costs are upon demand and are based on an 8-person-per-seminar grouping. Please contact CISRO if you have any questions or require more information on pricing.

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