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Management Comprehensive Test (The MCT)

The purpose of the MCT is to reinforce your managerial ability in pursuing a professional post-graduate program in business administration. The MCT measures business mathematics skills and managerial knowledge in the five major functional areas in business administration: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Organization Behaviour and Statistics. Unlike the GMAT which only puts emphasis on the English language and mathematical skills, the MCT focuses on business mathematics and managerial knowledge. In that sense, the MCT provides a better ground to appraise a candidate’s ability in successfully completing a graduate program.

The MCT Study Guide

CISRO's study guide for the MCT is designed to assist students planning to take the MCT. It provides good assistance in test preparation by enabling applicants to become familiar with the material they will encounter on the exam. The study guide goes even beyond a simple simulation of the MCT by offering a sound basis of preparation for post-graduate management courses. Besides containing questions on the five major functional areas in business administration, the study guide allows applicants to get a good grip on the basics of business mathematics and managerial knowledge needed when studying in a post-graduate business administration program. All five functional areas of management are covered at a comprehensive level. This gives the applicant a solid background to develop their managerial skills in this ever-changing economic environment.

The Pre-MCT

The Pre-MCT is a computer-adaptive test designed to measure your readiness for the MCT. The content that makes up the Pre-MCT covers business mathematics and the major functional areas in business administration. A score of 70% or higher on the Pre-MCT confirms your readiness to take the MCT.

Applicants are encouraged to take the MCT prep course before attempting the Pre-MCT and MCT. The Pre-MCT comprises 175 multiple choice questions to be answered in 60 minutes.

The content of the Pre-MCT closely resembles the MCT. Those who do well on the pre-MCT are likely to do well on the MCT. The practice test can be taken as many times as needed.

Taking the MCT

The MCT is a computer-adaptive test designed to strengthen your managerial ability. The content that makes up the MCT covers the business mathematics and the major functional areas in business administration. The MCT is comprised of 400 multiple-choice questions to be answered in 180 minutes. A score of 560 (70%) out of 800 or higher on the MCT confirms your readiness to successfully complete post-graduate studies in business administration.

Once the MCT is taken, the results will be returned immediately. If you get a score less than 560, you will have another 4 weeks of preparation before you may retake the MCT. Retaking the MCT involves registering and paying a second time.

The MCT can be taken on any computer with an Internet connection, any time of day.
Contact Wei Cui at wx_cui@laurentian.ca to get any additional information about the test.




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