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This program is designed for the general public and for people who want to understand the basics of personal financial planning. It teaches techniques and financial theory applicable to personal financial management.

Program Description

Personal Financial Planning is a complex and rapidly changing field. As baby boomers are approaching retirement, they are seeking avenues to invest their savings and plan a secured retirement. The intent of Personal Finance Modules is to help them overcome some of the difficult challenges and frustrations that lie ahead in the process of their personal financial planning. Even though most Canadians will have to turn to an expert's advise to set their financial planning, a good knowledge of the basic principles of financial planning will surely help. This will give them a better understanding of the whole process allowing them to know what action to take and when to take it.

Personal Finance Modules (PFM) is available in two options
On-Campus Programs
On-line Programs

Designed with your goals in mind

This program provides a modern and practical approach toward the treatment of your personal finances.

Module I - Planning your personal finances

Module II - Investing your financial resources

Module III - Controlling your financial future

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Personal Finance Modules


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