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Project Management

Advance your career at your own pace by taking the Online CISRO Executive Project Management training program. Learn how to complete projects on time and on budget in this comprehensive, training program.

The Hedge Fund Course

The Hedge Fund Course gives you a comprehensive view of the hedge fund industry and teaches you how to plan and select the most appropriate hedge funds suitable to any existing diversified portfolios

Management Comprehensive Test (MCT)

The purpose of the Management Comprehensive Test (MCT) is to measure your managerial ability in pursuing a professional post-graduate program in business administration.  The MCT measures the managerial knowledge in five major functional areas in business administration: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Organisation Behaviour and Statistics.  Unlike the GMAT that put emphasis on general knowledge based on English language and mathematical skills, the MCT is more managerial knowledge oriented testing. In that sense, the MCT provides a better ground to appraise a candidate’s ability in successfully completing an executive program.

Financial Management and Value Creation

Advance your career at your own pace by taking Online CISRO Executive Financial Management and Value Creation. This program is a must for any senior manager without a financial training background

Executive Integrated Management Course I

Advance your career at your own pace by taking the Online CISRO Executive Integrated Management courses. The Executive Training Program delivers rapid, comprehensive, real-world training in general management. Participants prosper from the thoroughness and speed with which this program broadens their understanding and sharpens their perspective of key management concepts. The program strengthens managerial competencies and gives participants the skills to reach higher levels of management responsibility.

Executive Integrated Management Course II

Advance your career at your own pace by taking the Online CISRO Executive Integrated Management courses II. The strategic focus of the Integrated Management Course II will be Managing Cost Effective Growth and building a leading organization.

Global Business Administration

This program provides a full spectrum of knowledge required to manage a business in a global market. Upon completion, candidates will be granted a post-graduate diploma in Global Business Administration. This program is a FITT accredited Partner and leads to the CITP (The Credential of Excellence in International Trade).

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