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Financial Management and Value Creation

Advance your career at your own pace by taking Online CISRO Executive Financial Management and Value Creation. This program is a must for any senior manager without a financial training background.


This Online training program will help participants to learn how to manage their firmís resources with the objective of increasing the firmís market value. The main objective of this program is to present and explain the methods and tools that will help participants determine whether the firmís current investments are creating value and, if they are not, what remedial actions should be taken to improve operations. We also show you how to determine whether a business proposal - such as the decision to buy a piece of equipment, launch a new product, acquire another firm, or restructure existing operations - has the potential to raise the firmís value provides the basis for an integrated financial management system that not only helps participants evaluate actual business performance and make sound business decisions but also helps participants design effective management compensation packages - compensation packages that align the interests of the firmís managers with those of the firmís owners.

Key Benefits & Takeaways

After only four days you will be able to:

  • The meaning of managing a business for value creation.
  • How to measure the value that may be created by a business proposal, such as an investment project, a change in the firmís financial structure, a business acquisition, or the decision to invest in a foreign country.
  • The significance of the firmís cost of capital and how it is measured.
  • The function of financial markets as a source of corporate funds and the role they play in the value-creation process.
  • A firmís business cycle and how it determines the firmís capacity to grow.
  • The basic structure and the logic behind a firmís balance sheet and income statement and how data from both statements can be combined to evaluate the firmís profitability and its ability to generate cash.
  • Use critical numbers and the Balanced Scorecard to create a high performance organization.
  • Risk, how to measure it and how it affects the firmís cost of capital.
  • The terms ďmarket value addedĒ and ďeconomic value addedĒ and how they relate to the goal of managing of value creation.

Who Should Attend

This program is relevant to managers from all levels -- supervisors to senior executives - and from all types of organizations - start-ups to multinationals. The program also benefits engineers, lawyers, small-business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants and professionals in government and non-profit organizations.

One of the strengths of the program is the diversity of its participants. The program addresses the needs and builds on the experiences of participants, such as production managers, marketing and sales managers, human resource managers, R&D managers, presidents and board members.


Upon successfully completing this training program, you will receive a certificate from CISRO Institute of Management: the Applied Graduate Certificate in Financial Management. The CISRO Executive training Programs are eligible for CE credits. Click here to view a sample of our applied certificates/diploma.


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