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Executive Integrated Management Course I

Advance your career at your own pace by taking the Online CISRO Executive Integrated Management courses. The Executive Training Program delivers rapid, comprehensive, real-world training in general management. Participants prosper from the thoroughness and speed with which this program broadens their understanding and sharpens their perspective of key management concepts. The program strengthens managerial competencies and gives participants the skills to reach higher levels of management responsibility.


The Online training program on Integrated Management course incorporates the essential fundamentals in key disciplines with the latest management strategies and techniques. Subjects include human resource management, accounting and finance, marketing, business strategy and relevant special topics such as crisis management, business process re-design, total quality management, customer service and international business. You should have some management experience (or hold a similar professional or specialist position) and be willing to schedule 4 hours per week outside class for group and individual preparation.

The Executive Development Course examines critical issues in key functional areas and introduces participants to essential management skills. Interactive learning techniques create an environment which exposes participants to areas outside their own specialized fields and broadens their perception of the scope of a company’s activities.

Key Benefits & Takeaways

You will find solutions to your everyday management challenges including how to:

  • Hire the people you need;
  • Communicate visions and values;
  • Motivate people to perform;
  • Manage priorities and make effective decisions;
  • Exercise team leadership and develop your people;
  • Set performance expectations and take corrective measures;
  • Analyze problems to build economic value-added;
  • Use financial analysis techniques for effective decision-making;
  • Retain top talent.

The integrated Management course is designed to provide a blend of the essential “hard” and “soft” skills managers need to be successful in their jobs.

Who Should Attend

This program is relevant for professionals at all levels in an organization that may be contemplating to move to a managerial position. You are a candidate - whether you are updating your skills, moving within your organization, or changing fields. Participants are from mid-line and top management, and every discipline, type and size of business.


Upon successfully completing this training program, you will receive a certificate from CISRO Institute of Management: the Applied Graduate Certificate in Global Management. The CISRO Executive training Programs are eligible for CE credits. Click here to view a sample of our applied certificates/diploma.


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