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About CISRO Institute of Management

CISRO Institute of Management is dedicated to foster and promote education in all of the functional disciplines and support activities of Management. The main objective of CISRO is to bring to market innovative, flexible, and customized training programs either in collaboration with Universities or in partnership with professional organizations at very competitive and affordable fees without downgrading quality. These programs mainly based on E-learning will be available to the world wide community.

CISRO Institute of Management intends to contribute to the ongoing process of democratisation of the educational enhancement systems by developing and launching its “Programs without Borders”. 

A Message from the President

The world economy has been undergoing a profound transformation resulting in further integration of economic systems and the phenomenon of globalization in the last three decades. The continuous liberalization of international trade coupled with rapid advances in telecommunication, information and internet technologies have created a whole new environment. Hence, the practice of Business has to be adapted to the new realities around the world. There is an evident and somehow urgent need for upgrading the knowledge base and to promote the new skill set and capabilities in order to be able to cope with new challenges in the global arena. With an increasing demand for competent international managers all over the world, a graduate study in management leading to a Graduate Diploma or to an MBA is becoming paramount to success.

For the last two decades, the North American Universities ( Canada and the USA ) have contributed in educating top managers world wide. However, because of a growing demand for managers and physical structural problem, namely limited number of seats available, the offering method, and the price tag, few people has been able to upgrade their skills and abilities to adapt to new circumstances. With the substantial improvement in E-learning technology it is now feasible to extend the North American management programs to a broader audience around the world. Universities, for various reasons, have been slow to respond to the new realities: too rigid to adjust their existing programs to new markets or to develop new programs for both local and international markets.

CISRO Institute of Management sees this situation as an opportunity to play a major role in bridging the gap between conventional teaching institutions and the market needs. So, through partnerships with universities, professional associations and individual professionals, CISRO is offering to an increasing number of individuals, customized professional and academic programs at a very competitive price. We are determined to play a major role in the ongoing democratization of the existing education/training systems. Through E-learning, we will make available to the rest of the world, North American prestigious training programs in Management and will devise new programs in response to the market needs.

Dr. Tov Assogbavi
CISRO Institute of Management

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